Debate finals end in close call

Emily Dubec-Hunter, Staff Writer

There’s no question that the county-wide debate team finals Tuesday ended in a close call. Freshman Srimayi Tenali made it to the finals where she went up against Miles Brinkley, a Melbourne High School junior, and lost by one point.

“It was a lot of work to make it to the finals and even a bit scary because I was only a freshman,” Tenali said. “But I’m proud of how it all went.”

The competitors debated the resolution that “competition is superior to cooperation as in means of achieving excellence.” A coin was flipped at the start of the debate in the West Shore auditorium so neither student knew which side he or she would be getting. Brinkley called it and chose the affirmative argument, leaving Tenali with the negative.

The debate was so close the judge deliberated for 20 minutes, and asked to give them a tie. When that option was refused, she awarded Brinkley a 29/30 and Tenali a 28/30, giving the championship title to Brinkley.

The team is extremely satisfied with the season’s results.

“The 2012-2013 debate team added a lot of new talent this year and with our vetereans on board we were exceptional,” debate team coach Susan Woyshner said. “The camaraderie among these young debaters is exemplary.”

Woyshner added that she thinks novices such as Tenali will do well in upholding the seniors’ legacy.

“Although we are losing some of our greatest debaters to their college careers, they are leaving a legacy for the novices to uphold,” she said. “With Aalekhya Tenali, Kaylee McCormick and Tryphnia Mikhal graduating, we wish them well and godspeed.”