Contract required to attend Prom

Stephanie Shaw, Opinions Editor

Any student who wants to attend the Prom will be required to sign a contract before purchasing a ticket.  Due to past experiences at other dances, the administration has decided to take action.

“We have been putting up with inappropriate dancing for some time now and it doesn’t even look like dancing anymore,” Assistant Principal Jim Melia said.  “I will ask a student if they will dance like that in front of their parents, and nine out of 10 students say they would never dance like that with their mom standing there.”

The student handbook states that students will not dance inappropriately at school functions.  If students refuse to sign the contract they will not be able to buy a ticket. And if students break the contract, they will be asked to leave the dance with no refund of their ticket purchase.

“I’m not worried about the contract because I don’t feel like the problem is the upperclassman,” junior Geofrey Peña said.  “I don’t think administration will kick anybody out, but the kids who ruined this for us are the ones not going.”