Coach Jason Whitworth Scholarship accepts applications until April 9

The Coach Jason Whitworth Scholarship, a grant of $1000, will no longer accept applications as of April 9. Applications will be available in the guidance office and will include one essay prompt.

“It’s going to give students financial aid to help them for college,” junior Michelle Maldonado said. “It applies either in the state of Florida or any other college in the United States. It’s a good opportunity for students when they apply because there’s a good chance that they’ll get it. There’s not that many applicants, and it exclusively applies to West Shore seniors, so there’s not a lot of competition.”

The scholarship is only available to West Shore seniors. To be considered for the award, students must reach and maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher, have been accepted into a college, and have attended West Shore Jr./Sr. High School from grades nine through 12.

“I think the scholarship will benefit students most with both its monetary and sentimental values,” junior Alicia Ortiz said. “Monetary considering it will help college funds, but also sentimentally since it’s Whitworth’s scholarship and he is so close to everyone’s hearts.”