Club photos scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday

Club photos will be taken at the gym during Power Hour on Wednesday and Thursday because of the shift of early release days and the return of busing, according to yearbook adviser Mark Schledorn.

“We held club photos last year after school on a Wednesday because it was an early release day,” Schledorn said. “But since early release was moved to Friday, we had to adjust to the schedule. We knew kids weren’t going to like staying at school after dismissal on a Friday, so we decided to take club photos during Power Hour.”

Another factor that was part of their decision was the return of busing.

“Last year, parents picked up their kids,” Schledorn said. “Now parents can send their kids home on the bus, and those kids would have trouble making it to the club photos if they were after school.”

The schedule isn’t the only thing that has changed.

“We have three cameras this year instead of two,” Schledorn said. “So we’ll also be using three entrances to the gym instead of two.”

Some of the yearbook staff expect pushback for the decision to have club photos taken during Power Hour.

“It is going to disrupt the lunchtime of students,” said Molly Luu, the yearbook’s co-editor in chief. “I’m sure a lot of students are annoyed by that.”

However, few formal complaints have been made about the schedule change yet.

“It’s because when it was after school on Wednesdays, we sometimes encountered schedule conflicts with the sports teams,” Schledorn said. “So people were unhappy about that. But now, we can take the photos during Power Hour without inconveniencing sports teams or parents.

The schedule for club photos can be found on Focus and on blue posters hanging throughout the campus.

By Surina Venkat