Class officer campaigns start Wednesday

The national presidential election isn’t the only race you should keep your ears open for, as of the April 13, the week-long high-school class officer campaign season will begin. The election will be held in home room April 20. The positions for class officer are president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and communications officer.

To be eligible to run, students grades 9-11 need to see social studies teacher Bob Sarver, chemistry teacher Rob Klassen, or their homeroom teacher and pick up an application form. The form must be completed and returned personally to either Sarver or Klassen by April 13.

“It’ll be interesting because a lot of the election will be decided off of Prom,” junior Nic Stelter said. “If Prom goes well then it’s a pretty good chance that the current officers will be reelected, but if there’s some dispute then it’s anyone’s game. Generally the officers of junior year stay the same for senior year, so from our hard work this year we will be able to directly see how our class reacts to our work. I’m hoping the dedication of the current officers will be seen by the class this weekend. Also I will crush all opposition.”

Aside from completing the aforementioned packet, students must also have been a member of Student Government Association for at least one year to be eligible to run for officer positions. Winners of the election will be announced April 21 and they will be required to meet with Sarver and Klassen that same day.

I’m super-duper excited to run for treasurer again,” junior Kayelee Embree said. “Even though it can be stressful at times and a lot — and I mean a lot — of people doubt your abilities as officers, I had such a fun time this year with the rest of the officers, and I’m looking forward to hopefully getting reelected for next year.”

By Eve Beard