Cheer team will run concession stand for now


The administration will choose one sports team to run the concession stand every year. If the stand opens as expected in March, the plan will begin in the next sporting season, from August through May.

“Our initial goal was to start off with cheerleaders this spring so that we could get a feel for how it’s all going to work and then put a proposal out,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said.

Varsity Cheer coach Kaitlyn Hoskins said the cheer team will receive all the profits it generates, aside from buying the products to sell.

“The school reached out and asked us to do it since we have very large expenses and are always in need of funds,” she said. “Plus, our cheer parents are so supportive and love to help out.”

The cheer team will use the funds to pay for various items.

“Cheer is a very expensive sport and we need a lot of fund-raising so that the parents don’t have to pay out of pocket,” Hoskins said. “I think this year we fundraised over $15,000 for various things such as competition fees, banquet, spirit wear and other expenses. We can use some of the money [from the concession stand] to help pay for transportation for some out-of-county events like camp and competitions.”

The team running the stand must do so for all home junior varsity and varsity athletic events.

“It’s a big undertaking, and it would have to be adults and not the students working it,” Halbuer said. “I think there has to be somebody with a health certificate and one person would have to oversee everything. And then they could get different volunteers to show up and then cover if the volunteers didn’t show.”

The school’s management of the concession stand will differ from high schools that have football teams and bands that play at their games. Traditionally, the band program runs the concession stands and keeps all the proceeds. Some bands also run the stands for sports other than the football program.

“[This is because] they don’t get funded the same way athletics get funded,” Halbuer said. “Like cheerleading doesn’t get funded the same way some of our athletic programs get funded.”

According to Halbuer, the total estimated cost of the project was $365,000. The costs have been taken care of, since the PTA and school district paid 20 percent and 80 percent of the expenses, respectively. The district will manage any necessary repairs or appliances. 

With the project nearing completion, Halbuer plans on arranging a seating area next to the concession stand. She was able to use federal money to pay for furniture, such as benches and round umbrella tables.

“Well, it’s a concession stand,” she said. “You have to sit and eat and watch the game, and make it look nice.”

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By Rhea Sinha