Cell phone ban

Beth Saunderson, Staff Writer

Unfortunately for students, cell phones are not allowed during power hour. Students were informed that they could use their phones in the hour at the end of last year when power hour was being planned. However, administration repealed the privilege during the start of the new school year, but failed to inform students until Wednesday Sept. 2 during homeroom.

The majority of the students at West Shore take advantage of the hour they were granted to finish their homework.

“If [the students] are trying to finish homework, they usually go on Edline to check their grades and assignments,” junior Briana Sandoval said. “[Power hour] was created to allow the students to finish their homework. [Administration] walks around searching for people on their phones”

Even with the new rule in place, students predict that no one will obey it.

“It’s not going to affect anyone,” sophomore Emily McAtee said. ” It was the same rule as before and people were still on their phones then.”

Some students even feel betrayed by the administration for their take-back of the rule.

“I think it’s unfair that [administration] would take back what they told us last year,” McAtee said. “It’s like me saying I’d do my homework and then showing up the next day and change my mind. Also, I don’t see the big deal of us checking our social media during power hour because it’s better than checking during class.”