Canopy makes immediate impact on returning students

One of the most obvious changes greeting students when they returned to school last week was the sight of the newly constructed canopy over the commons area. The project, completed during the summer, cost $113,430, with much of the funding raised by parent initiatives.

“We’re already seeing a big difference in students wanting to sit out there, Assistant Principal for facilities Jim Melia said. “Before we were having problems with students dragging the tables into the shade, but now there’s no need for it.”

Students are not the only ones enjoying the canopy.

“Last night at the PTA meeting, the parents had a break at the tables under the pavilion,” Melia said. “With the lights and everything, it looked absolutely fantastic.”

Junior Tyler Moscrip, however, expressed his disappointment.

“Since it doesn’t fit that many people, I didn’t feel there was a great need for the canopy,” Moscrip said. “We should have just kept the three lunches because [the cafeteria] is still packed inside even with the canopy.”

Melia said his only disappointment is that the fans that are on the canopy’s ceiling appear undersized.

Sophomore Loryn Schopke agrees.

“I think it’s a great addition to the school and everything, but those little fans are pretty much useless,” Schopke said.

By Julia Levy, Roar staff reporter