Cafeteria to stop selling Kickstart drink


Mountain Dew Kickstart recently has been added to the lunch line, but the caffeinated beverage won’t be sticking around for long. The wildly popular drink sold out just two days after hitting the lunch lines and has been a crowd favorite since.

Dawn Menz, the district food and nutrition manager for Brevard Public School, declined answering many questions regarding the new addition, but did make it quite clear the product wasn’t around for long.

“In order to address the concerns regarding a middle-school student being able to purchase the Kick Start product, the office of food and nutrition services will be removing the Kickstart product from being sold in junior-senior high schools,” Menz said in an email.

Junior James Crown appeared saddened by the news.

“I really enjoy the Kickstart,” Crown said. “They taste great and the caffeine helps me get through the day. I don’t really think seventh-graders need the caffeine, but someone who is 16 or 17 or older should be able to handle it.”

Principle Rick Fleming said the drink likely was being field-tested before selling it at other schools in the county.

“Foods are often sampled in the [West Shore] lunch line,” Fleming said. “The district is starting to ease up on food regulations. It’s hard [for the cafeteria to make enough money] because so many students bring their own lunches, so this may be a way to help bring in more money without breaking any federal laws on sodium and caffeine.”

Senior Marc Spurlock questions the sale of the product to younger students, citing the amount caffeine as a main concern.

“I don’t think they should sell them at school,” Spurlock said. “Caffeine and children — especially seventh-graders — do not mix well. Plus they’re unhealthy. Though, I’m not in a place to tell people what to buy or not to buy. They can live how they choose.”

By Eve Beard