Butcher wins scholarship to France


A scholarship will allow senior Marley Butcher will return to France this summer.

Abbie Kellner, Staff Writer

West Shore senior Marley Butcher found out Friday that she won the American Society for French Academic Palms study abroad scholarship. She beat out the rest of the nation, winning the one high-school scholarship awarded nationwide. The scholarship includes $3,000 to study in a French city of her choice. She chose to study in Montpellier and will be there for at least four weeks this summer.

“I hope to one day use what I learn to become a French teacher myself,” Butcher said.

She said she hopes this experience will help her with her double major in French and Foreign Education. To apply for the scholarship, Butcher needed to write an essay in French about her current level of French studies, why she deserved the scholarship and what she intended to do with her time abroad. The scholarship is aimed at helping students become more familiar with the language as well as developing a greater appreciation and understanding of the French culture.

“I am especially excited to see all the friends I made last summer when I went to France,” Butcher said.