Broken pump could be replaced Monday

A broken water pump has caused the school’s custodial staff to water the grass lawns between Buildings 2 and 3 with portable sprinklers attached to a city water source rather than a free underground source. But that chould change Monday.

“The reason why we have those out there is because the pump that used to be responsible for watering the grass had to be removed when the canopy was built,” Assistant Principal of Facilities Jim Melia said.

As part of the canopy construction project Heard Construction, the builders of the canopy, were able to redo the water pathways so that the pump behind science teacher Amy McCormick’s Building 4 room could be used to water the grass instead.

“The problem is, they put in the wrong pump. It’s the wrong phase so the pump burned out,”  Melia said.

The resulting conflict between the school and Heard Construction was settled last week when Heard  agreed to replace the broken equipment.  A new pump and it should be arriving and installed on Monday, according to Melia.

“I really think that whoever installed it put in the wrong pump. It shouldn’t be our responsibility, and we shouldn’t have to pay for that. We paid for it once already. We don’t need to pay for it again,” Melia said.

“Mr. Fleming is very particular about his grass. He wants to make sure that it’s always looking green,” Melia said.

By Keiran Sheridan