Boil water alert to remain in effect until Friday

According to the Florida Today website, 150,000 people in Brevard County are facing a water contamination alert due to a lightning strike that hit the Melbourne water systems that will stay in effect for two days. Individuals are to boil water for at least one minute before it is consumed. Fortunately, it is safe to take showers. Students should proceed to wash their hands with soap and water and afterwards cleanse their hands with hand sanitizer. Water will be available in the cafeteria for student to drink as water fountains and ice makers are inaccessible.

Many are worried at the possibility of bacteria plaguing their water.

“It’s really inconvenient because I’m kind of scared to drink stuff because I don’t want to die or get sick,” sophomore Travis McClendon said .

Others have already been taking precautions when drinking their water due to the system of filtration the city of Melbourne uses.

“I boil my water before I drink it anyway, so its just the same for me,” sophomore Matthew Senft-Greenberg said.

Roar Staff report