Black Culture Club recruits members

Carleigh Walter, News Editor

The Black Culture made its debut Dec. 6, and it members hope to make an impact in during the second semester.

“The Asian Culture Club was formed and is successful, so I thought ‘Well there are more black people than Asians, so why not have a Black Culture Club,” junior Makayla Bentley said.

The club currently has 10 members, ranging from all grades, and is looking for recruits of any and all colors.

“Anybody interested in black culture is free to join, it’s just like a big, entertaining, history lesson with less history and more activities,” Bentley said. “The goal is to expose West Shore to more than just black people stereotypes.”

Junior Ashanti Hernandez, a fellow founding member, aspires to keep the club going in years to come and possibly start new ones.

“I hope that we can maintain this club as long as there remains a school and perhaps even encourage other ethnicities to start their own clubs,” she said. “It’s a great way to spread different cultures and bring people together at the same time.”

According to co-parent sponsors Marcia Bentley and Juliette Bailer, upcoming events include attending the premiere of “Red Tails,” an account of the Tuskegee training program during World War II, on Jan. 20 at Cinema World in Melbourne. Club members also will attend the local Martin Luther King Jr. parade the weekend of Jan. 16.

“We want to get into the community and let people know we’re here,” Bailer said. “We aren’t going away anytime soon.”