Author to speak at FCA rally

Sydney Saunders, Staff Writer

Police detective and accomplished author Mark Mynheir will speak at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes rally Monday.

“This rally is important to help encourage young adults to live out their faith in their workplace and to become closer to one another,” FCA club sponsor Anita Unrath said.

The assembly is open to all students and will be held in the media center at 2:55 p.m during club .

“We are encouraging kids in different clubs to come join and learn different techniques to help solve problems that may occur in their everyday lives,” Unrath said.

Tickets will be available in the cafeteria, during both lunches on Dec. 3. Tickets are free and are available to all students.

“Hopefully this rally will encourage more people to join FCA, and attend more club events,” club leader Danielle Jerdon said. “Mr. Mynheir will be able to help students become more connected, and demonstrate how to live a strong faithful life. No matter how old you are there is always room for instruction on how to live a better life.”