Auditorium screen crashes down

Two weekends ago, the projection screen in the auditorium crashed down onto the stage, almost injuring senior Adam Davidson.

“He almost died,” senior Erika Caliari said jokingly.

The drama department’s Troupe 6034 was rehearsing their showpiece that will compete in the One Act Thespian Festival when the incident occurred.

“We were putting the screen back up, and it just kept reeling. When we tried it put it back up again, it just dropped dead,” Davison said. “I had to jump out of the way, otherwise it would have hit me.”

The screen had been broken for a while because of a motor issue. It comes down regularly, but it needs to be lifted in order for it to go back up correctly. The school had been aware of the issue and had already looked into getting it fixed before the accident happened. Even so, the screen was never repaired.

“The problem is, we didn’t have the money to fix it,” Assistant Principal of Facilities Jim Melia said. “The company wanted us to pay them $100 an hour, and that was a price we could not afford.”

The company, Orlando Continental Partisans, begins charging for repairs when they leave their shop. Melia said that since West Shore would be responsible for covering the cost, it was too expensive to pay $100 for a car ride from Orlando. Due to the recent events though, the issue has been resolved.

“[Principal Rick] Fleming got involved, and now the District will pay for it,” Melia said. “It should be fixed by next week.”

By Keiran Sheridan