Assignments often pile up amid Homecoming Week festivities

Jennifer Garrido, Lifestyles Editor

AP Biology homework vs. costume for Superhero Day.

The scale seems slighty off-balance in terms of enthusiasm. Spirit Week is the five school days preceding Homecoming during which students participate in a varying theme each day. However, with the workload given by teachers, students have a different expectation as to how much they should be required to do throughout this week.

“The teachers loaded homework up right before the Powderpuff game. I had so much to do, on a night I was really looking forward to,” junior Mac Shauman said.

Junior Nicholas Delahoz says in his grades declined during Spirit Week.

“My government grade dropped after that week because I was busy picking out my costumes for the next day,” Delahoz said. “Kids are going to slack off on their homework during Spirit Week. It’s one week for us to express ourselves and have fun at school.”

High-schoolers are not the only students impacted.

“I think the teachers gave out way too much [homework] that week. They should just sit back for a week and let us have fun,” eighth-grader Brandon Ziarno said.

Seventh-grader Trey Crowley remains indifferent.

“The teachers shouldn’t give out so much [homework], but my homework wasn’t that bad that week,” Crowley said.

World Language Department Chairman Luis Martin says that the dress-up themes of Spirit Week should not affect whether or not students do their homework.

“If the theme of the day is just to dress up, then I don’t think a change in homework should be made,” Martin said. “Kids should have picked out their outfits for those days over the weekend. But for Thursday, when it’s Powderpuff night, teachers shouldn’t give out homework because it’s a long night for all of us.”

According to Martin, teachers and students should make compromises based on homework in order for it to be fair for both.

“If students agree to do homework Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during Spirit Week, then teachers could not assign homework for Thursday night.  But I don’t think Spirit Week, other than Thursday, should matter in terms of homework”.

Some have suggested that if Spirit Week were to fall at the beginning of the second nine weeks, students would have a longer time to make up the low grades and pick back up on academics after a week of fun.

“If Spirit Week is placed in the second nine weeks, there are still going to be tons of days off and then you have Thanksgiving Break too,” Martin said.

“Wherever Spirit Week is placed, it shouldn’t have an effect on whether or not kids do their homework. Good students will still do their homework, and kids who don’t normally, still won’t.”