Art teacher seeks festival spotlight

Art teacher Annamarie Zink has a reputation for having a sweet, supportive attitude — except apparently when it comes to competition.

Zink showed a different side of her personality to her Drawing and Painting 2 class recently, saying she wants to “show off,” this year and beat Holy Trinity at the ArtWorks Eau Gallie Fine Arts Festival scheduled from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday on Highland Avenue.

“Holy Trinity always has to overdo at ArtWorks,” Zink said. “I want to finally show them that West Shore can be flashy too.”

Zink wants every student taking an art class to enter a piece for the school’s showcase tent. She will accept anything from computer graphics to a photo montage.

“The Holy Trinity art teacher is one of my friends, but I want to show her that we rock too,” Zink said. Plus if we win, we get $300 for the art department.”

Sophomore Samantha Watson appeared baffled by Zink’s aggressive pep talk.

“Wow, I never knew Mrs. Zink had such an intense, competitive side,” she said.

Applicants for the showcase tent should turn in their artwork in Room 5-100.

By Jessica Blanco