APUSH study sessions scheduled for twice a month

Textbooks are cracked as the pace of the second semester quickens. Advanced Placement U.S. History students are pushing pencils more than ever in anticipation for the National Exam on May 6. And for those who are interested, APUSH teacher Jim Pustay has scheduled review sessions for Jan. 26 and on every other Wednesday thereafter in Room 3-202 at 3:45 p.m.

“Study groups are the key for passing the exam. Long-term memory is tested with maintenance rehearsal and recall in order to prepare the students,” Pustay said. “We have been focusing on major evidence throughout history by taking past questions and reviewing the possible correct responses.”

Pustay says providing evidence for essays and answering multiple choice questions is the only way a student can hope to achieve a three or higher on the National APUSH exam. Every student in the nation enrolled in APUSH takes this exam to get college credit for the class.

“Reviewing evidence by using workbook and textbook questions makes me feel more prepared to take the exam,” sophomore Nithya Sheshadri said. By Sarah Kinsey