AP scores impact BCC sign-up

Kelly Etherton, Staff Writer

Students taking Advanced Placement classes while also enrolled in college classes provided by Brevard Community College find it difficult to register for the 2013 fall semester without knowing the AP exam scores until released by College Board in July. Registering for fall classes at BCC began on May 13 — almost two months before AP scores are released. The opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts degree while still in high school presents a promising opportunity for many as more and more students are pursuing dual-enrollment courses and preceding on to be early admission students senior year.

But without the AP results, students find it difficult to plan out which courses to take.

“It’s hard because I am trying to get my AA, and already have taken AP Calculus at West Shore,” said junior Taylor Eenhuis, who plans on becoming an early admission student next fall. “I cannot register for another math class at BCC without my scores. I have to go back to the college in the summer after the scores come in to change my schedule, because I had to put in a lower math class I did not need to hold the spot in my schedule for a more advanced class.”

On top of the stresses of trying to coordinate classes without the AP scores, students hope that the library books for the college classes will still be available for use during the upcoming fall semester.

“I took two AP classes this year,”  junior Micah Weber said. “If I don’t pass either class with a high enough AP score, I’ll have to go back and change my schedule. I’m worried that I will not be able to get the required books in time for the fall class, as all my classes will have to be changed last minute.”

According to the College board website, subject scores will be available July 10-11, while all other reports will be available June 15.