AP Night slated for Wednesday

If you’re considering taking an Advanced Placement course but wonder what you’ll be signing up for, consider attending the school’s annual AP Night from 5:30 to 7:30 Wednesday in the cafeteria. AP night is designed to educate student and their parents on the specific  courses that are offered. Parents and students can meet with the teachers and ask questions about the courses.

AP Language and AP Seminar teacher Jeanie Griffin has been working in anticipation for the event.

“I have collaborated with the counterparts that teach my subjects,” Griffin said. “We have made decisions on what type of presentation we are going to have. We also made a board and downloaded handouts to give to students and parents.”

Griffin said attending AP night will be beneficial to parents by providing an opportunity to learn what courses are offered and how those courses can help students prepare for college.

“Students can talk to the teachers and can get a handout as well as ask specific questions about the course one on one with the teacher so they can gain a better understanding of what that course is.” Griffin said. “It will help them choose courses that will fit their schedule and their needs.”

Students will receive their course selection sheets beginning with seventh grade on Feb. 3. Eighth-graders will receive theirs Feb. 5, freshman will receive theirs Feb. 10, juniors will receive theirs Feb. 12, and sophomores will receive theirs Feb. 17.

By Helen McSorley