Anti-bullying video contest submissions due Dec. 13

On Sept. 9, 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick committed suicide after being cyber-bullied for over a year. After being harassed by 15 other girls, she jumped off and abandoned warehouse and was found dead Sept. 10.

In order to prevent tragedies like Sedwick’s, Brevard County Public Schools, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, and the Crime Prevention Task Force joined together to put on an Anti-Bullying Video Contest for middle and high school students.

The theme of the contest is See It-Report It-Stop It, encouraging students to take a stand against bullying. The top three winning videos will receive cash prizes and be aired on school-based television programs and social networks. First place winners will receive $125, second place winners will receive $75, and third place winners will receive $50.

Judges will be critiquing the videos on content, creativity, and quality. The video must demonstrate what your school is doing to prevent bullying and steps to help solve the issues of bullying. Groups of two to four students must produce a video no longer than 90 seconds in length. The video should be written and produced by students under the supervision of a faculty leader, teacher, counselor or other school personnel.

Specific guidelines dictate that the content must be appropriate for all audiences. Videos must not contain: obscenities of any type, inappropriate or offensive language of any type, nudity of any kind, or any other content which the judges decide is inappropriate for a school including racial, ethnic, or group slurs, or weapons.

Videos will be submitted through or DVD.

All submissions are due by Dec. 13 and the winners will be announced in January.