Anime Series Showcases Absurd Storytelling at its Best

Noah Techoueyres, Staff Writer

“Chainsaw Man” was easily one of the most exciting shows of 2022. During its long-awaited release in October, “Chainsaw Man” drew massive attention. For having so many eyes on the show, and the weight of the massively successful source material behind it, “Chainsaw Man” does not disappoint.

It’s apparent that the show thrives off absurdity from episode one. The characters and story are unpredictable, leaving you at the edge of your seat at the end of each episode. Every character brings their own unique qualities to the series.

The story is presented through the eyes of the main character, Denji, an unconventional protagonist. He makes decisions not for the greater good, but for personal gain. He works for the Public Safety Administration, whose main goal is to defend against the show’s antagonizing force, “devils,” which are monsters that are born from human fears. 

The animation is special, incorporating CGI and an interesting color palette. The show also does a good job animating the characters’ posture and movement to fit their personalities, a detail that can make the show feel like a movie.

Although simple on the surface, the show ends up being extremely refreshing. Each episode unravels with twists and turns that becomes increasingly crazier. Some moments are so strange that you can’t help but be shocked or grossed out by what you’re watching, but that’s the charm of “Chainsaw Man.” It feels nonsensical and bizarre at times while still being able to present a compelling story, one filled with lifelike and mesmerizing characters.