Anatomy teacher arrives after stint at FSU

Teaching seventh- and eighth-grade science as well as anatomy, Magdalena Molledo has returned to the classroom after spending  last year working as science content coordinator for the student tutorial project at Florida State University. Molledo was in charge of assigning teachers to create tutorials for fifth grade to high-school biology classes.

“I came to West Shore because the grant funded project I was working on ran out, and I had to go back to teaching,” Molledo said. “ I knew [science teacher Mary] Anderson and she told me that [former anatomy teacher Sherie] Jenkins was retiring, so I applied.”

Molledo said one of the things that surprised her most about West Shore is how hardworking her students are.

“Most students like to do their work and they are very conscientious about getting their work done,” she said. “That doesn’t happen everywhere else.”

By Briana Sandoval and Helen McSorley