Anatomy class to view cadaver dissection

Jacob Smithe, Staff Writer

A cadaver dissection will be viewed by anatomy students either on April 2 or April 4 via video conference with Dr. Charles Vollmer, Jr., MD, who recently became Director of Pancreatic Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania.

Anatomy teacher Sherrie Jenkins said she’s as excited for the event as she has been since she initialized it three years ago, but there will be one change that Jenkins believes will improve the experience all the more.

“In previous years, Dr. Vollmer would be talking, and the bell would ring, and he would say ‘Wait, I didn’t show you the brain,’” Jenkins said. “This year, the conference will be two periods long, and that will give Dr. Volmer enough time to finish and also answer questions from students.”

Dr. Vollmer will be comparing various healthy and diseased human organs from the cadaver. Anatomy student and senior Lauren Dietl is wary about the activity.

“It could go either way,” Dietl said. “I got pale when we dissected the cow eye in class, but at the same time I think it will be an interesting experience.”

If students have anatomy in periods five or six, they will attend the video conference in Mrs. Jenkins’s room for both periods five and six on April 2. Likewise, anatomy students in first or second period will attend both of those periods for the conference on April 4. In the required permission slip, Jenkins assures parents that administration has approved the activity even as it requires students to miss one other period of class.