AC replaced in Raheb’s Portable 3

Keiran Sheridan, Staff Writer

On Saturday morning workers from the Brevard County School District worked fixed the air conditioning in social studies teacher Anthony Raheb’s portable, allowing the classroom to regain its full use again.

The air conditioning had been broken for about two weeks, and Raheb’s classes had to be held in the media center.

“It was a disruption to the students to have to hold class in the media center due to the added distractions that come from being displaced from their regular classroom, but we managed to make it work,” Raheb said.

Raheb collaborated with the media center staff to ensure that the classes could run as smoothly as possible.

“Although it was an inconvenience, everyone in the media center was exceedingly helpful and understanding of the situation,” Raheb said. “By working together as a team, we were able to overcome it.”

Originally, the newly installed air conditioning unit in Portable 3 was intended for use at another school.

“Another school in the county was having a similar issue as us, and the District had already ordered a new air conditioning unit for them,” Assistant Principal for Facilities Jim Melia said. “Their air conditioning unit was still working, though it was just on its last leg,”

When the district was informed that the air conditioning unit in Portable 3 was not functioning at all, they were able to make a transfer.

“Luckily, we were able to use the air conditioning unit that had already been ordered, otherwise it would have taken much longer to get fixed,” Melia said. “Hopefully, the other school’s unit lasts until the new unit arrives.”

With the air conditioning unit replaced, Raheb’s classes returned to normal.

“It is great to be back in my own classroom and have air again,” Raheb said. “Now I can teach without any disruptions for my students again.”