21 Savage and Drake Release Iconic Collaborative Album

Evy Nigh, Staff Writer

Drake recently released his new collaborative album, “Her Loss”, with rapper 21 Savage and one feature song with Travis Scott. “Her Loss” is a 16-track album influenced by brotherhood, lifestyle in the industry and relations with women. 21 Savage and Drake’s styles combine perfectly to create a smooth, easy-to-listen-to album.  

The album starts strongly with its most popular song “Rich Flex” setting the tone for the rest of the album. Throughout this song, Drake continuously hypes up 21 Savage by saying the iconic line,“21 can you do something for me?” This reflects Drake’s guidance throughout 21’s career. The song combines Drake’s well-known R&B style with 21’s classic lines and innovative flow. Toward the end of this track, 21 replicates Megan Thee Stallion’s rhythm in her song “Savage”. Stallion ironically got credits on this song because of the replicated beat. This would not be the last jab at other artists though.

The two rappers come after several artists throughout the album. They once again mention Megan Thee Stallion in track 9, “Circo Loco”. In one verse, Drake accuses Megan of lying about getting shot by another rapper, Tory Lanez. 

This line sparked controversy from fans especially since this album followed the release of Megan’s album “Traumazine” where she addresses the incident. This line felt insensitive and unnecessary and negatively affected the energy of the album, taking away from the positive, brotherhood aspect of this record. Drake also allegedly references female rapper IceSpice in “BackOutsideBoyz”. These references took away from the positives of this album, coming across as low blows, especially since female rappers already face widespread hostility.

Though it is not the most popular song on the album, ‘Treacherous Twins’ establishes the mood for this album, elaborating on the bond between 21 Savage and Drake. Their chemistry is clear through the lyrics, their bars, and how well their styles blend together. The two have been collaborating since 2016 with their first song together ‘Sneakin.’

Overall, the songs are consistently of great quality. Fans love it too because all 16 tracks made it on the top 100 ranking. Beside the digs at female artists, the album consistently gives the feeling of ‘you and me against the world’ which separates this album from most in the industry. Like any album, “Her Loss” has its highs and lows, with “Circo Loco” falling short of the rest.