Science teacher soars in air show

Carleigh Walter, News Editor

Seventh grade science teacher, Amy McCormick flew in the cockpit of a L-39 super sonic jet plane in the Third Annual Cocoa Beach Air Show on Thursday.

“I met Ms. McCormick on registration day this year, so when we wanted to send someone up in the jet with the pilot, I thought of her aerospace memorabilia on her wall,” said Donna Balancia, the mother of seventh grader Malia and personal relations coordinator for the Space Coast Office of Tourism. “She was the perfect candidate.”

While flying with pilot, Mike “Buick” Eberhart of the Heavy Metal Jet Pilots for a 20-minute flight, McCormick traveled at a rate of 370 miles per hour.

“When I first went sky-diving, I was scared to death, zero gravity I was sort of iffy,” McCormick said. “This time I was ready for it. I just wish it lasted longer. It seemed like a second.”

Being the first teacher to ever have the chance to fly in this high-speed jet that can reach up to 450 mph and produce a max of 7 g’s, McCormick was seen flying by over 10,000 Florida aviation lovers. The event was covered by local news stations, as well as Florida Today.

“It was the best plane ride ever,” McCormick said. “And I’ve been on some really good plane rides.”