Junior girls prevail 12-0 at Powderpuff

Carleigh Walter, News Editor

With a final score of 12-0, the  juniors stamped the Class of 2013’s mark on the annual Powderpuff game Friday night. While some senior girls left the field in tears after a hard fight, others left with a new outlook on the game.

“The fact that we didn’t win the football game isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” senior Lauren Sadowski. “It made us that much closer.”

In a departure from previous years, official referees were brought in, providing for a fair, safe game.

During school on Friday much senior versus junior rivalry occurred, all leading to the game on the north soccer field at 6 p.m..

“We  played our plays, made our runs, and got it done,” junior football player Christy Hernandez said.

Though the junior girls won the football portion of powderpuff, the senior boys’ cheerleading team held on to the title the secured in last year’s contest.