French intern enhances lessons

French students say intern Cedric Morgan will introduce new material to classes that will benefit the them, and French teacher Jennifer Walker says her students will learn new concepts from him.

“I like having Mr. Morgan because he’s a native speaker and because he’s so young,” Walker said. “He knows a lot of popular expressions that the teenagers love.”

Freshman Emma Kalvan says she’s enjoying the varied instruction.

“Having an intern in class will be a learning experience in the field,” she said. “Monsieur Morgan will gain experience with our students, and my class will get new knowledge and a new perspective.”

Morgan, now a student at the University of Central Florida, says he realized in high school how helpful foreign language was with the SAT and FCAT prep, and he that wanted to present the material to students.

“I wanted to be able to introduce a different culture to students,” he said.

Morgan will be interning on campus until the end of the first semester.

By Brianna Silvestre