Troupe 6034 readies for districts

After the conclusion of the fall all-school musical, “Wizard of Oz”, the drama troupe began preparing themselves for the District Thespian Festival at Vero Beach High School on Nov 5.

The festival involves school drama troupes performing solo musicals, duet musicals, small group musicals, monologues, duet acting and pantomimes in a district-wide celebration. Each performance will be rated from fair to superior, and if a performance gets a superior, it is eligible to perform at the State Thespian Festival.

Chorus teacher Maureen Fallon, Troupe 6034’s sponsor, says the students will do well because of their previous ratings.

“For the past two years, we have been awarded two state Best of Show awards for our large group and small group musical entries,” she said.

Along with a lot of work being put into the performances, the student actors enjoy themselves.

“Districts is a scaled down version of state,” junior Caroline Baney, Troupe 6034 historian, said. “Really, it’s just insanely fun.”

By Lindsay Gorham