Troupe 6034 gracious after One Act successes


Courtesy: Lauren McMillan

Students Lizzie Guerra, Moses Chavez-Gray and Lauren McMillan in Dinner With the Macguffins

Troupe 6034 competed in the annual One Act evaluations Friday at Merritt Island High School.

“The One Act competition is a two day festival, where roughly 23 schools bring a show that can be no more than 40 minutes long to be judged and reviewed by a panel of judges who decide if the was show was (should be ranked) a fair, good, excellent, or superior and decide which four shows they will send to state,” senior Lizzie Guerra said.

Lizzie played the lead role of Helen Macguffin, in the production of ‘Dinner With the Macguffins’ which won a superior ranking in the competition. Guerra also was awarded an ‘All Star Cast’ award.

“They select one person from each troupe, in each show who performed particularly well for the award,” she said.

Fellow senior Moses Chavez-Gray, who portrayed the main character James in the show, recalled the feeling of performing in the competition.

“I felt good,”Chavez-Gray said. “I always enjoy performing on the stage and I felt the performance went well with good reactions from the audience.

Although the troupe did not get a bid to the state competition,Chavez-Gray said he felt grateful the show did well.

“It felt good to get a superior, and while we didn’t advance to state I felt good about the performance and had a lot of fun doing it with the whole cast in performing together as a whole as well as we did.”

Lizzie Guerra, proud of her friends, also saluted the performers after the results.

“Our cast gave our all,” she said. “And how could I be upset about that?”

By Jerry Sola