Theater’s Dessert Concert set for Saturday

The thespian troupe’s annual Dessert Concert fund-raiser will be Saturday at 7 p.m. in the auditorium with the theme “From Stage to Screen and Back Again.”

“I like this year’s theme because there is a lot we can do with it,” sophomore Jade Norton said. “Also, a lot of people know these songs too because they’ve seen the movies.”

Sophomore Devin Thrush said she’s ready to take the stage.

“I feel pretty good about the songs I will be performing, although I wish I could be more prepared,” she said. “We normally have about two weeks of preparation for the desert concert, so it gets a little stressful at times but we always pull through.”


Sophomore Grace Novak plans to be busy throughout the night.

“I am part of four group musicals and we will be singing from the Broadway shows “The Lion King,” “Band Wagon” and “There’s no business like show business,” she said. “We haven’t had much practice since we had limited time to do it but I know we can pull it off as always.”

Sophomore troupe member Sabrina Torres shared her enthusiasm for performing in the show.

“I’m very excited about [singing a] duet since it’s in a higher register that I usually don’t sing in,” she said. “I’ve worked on that one the most. [We haven’t had] honestly not enough [practice] but we are working with the time we have and a bunch after school and at lunch or in the mornings, but we’ll be [ready] by Saturday.”

What can the audience expect?

“I feel the audience will enjoy the fact that they can recognize the music we are performing, even if they’ve never seen a [stage] show in their lives,” Thrush said. 

Norton agrees.

“I think the audience will enjoy the entire show,” Norton said. “There is some real talent in the troupe that has been waiting to be performed.”

Tickets are on-sale for $10 per person at the door. The purpose of the concert is to be a fundraiser to help the theater troupe cover overall production, set, costume and script costs for their upcoming shows the next school year. The show will be held in the school auditorium at 7 p.m.

By Kyle Townsend and Alana Mayott