Theater students to perform in Halloween parade

Members  of the school’s theater department will participate in Harbor City Elementary School’s Halloween parade Wednesday.

“Basically, Harbor City Elementary, down the street a little piece, is our sister elementary school,” senior Madeline Anderson said. “So, we kind of take care of that elementary school and, if the elementary school ever needed something like kids for the parade or any sort of fund-raiser, they would come to us first.”

The parade will take place in the Harbor City Elementary School parking lot.

“What happens is, basically, in our theater department, we dress up as fictional characters,” Anderson said. “So usually it’s Disney characters such as the princesses, or characters such as Mary Poppins, or other sort of characters that would be recognizable to kids.”

Sophomore Shannon Kay said she expects the parade to be similar to West Shore’s annual Barnes and Noble night.

“In both events you dress up as Disney characters and talk to the kids,” she said.

Working with the kids isn’t the only reason Anderson said she enjoys going to these events.

“That’s a part of the reason why,” she said. “I have a lot of reasons why I love the performing arts, but a big reason is to see audiences, to see kids and to see everybody just feel something. Either if it’s happy, or sad, or something … Just to see people feel something. Also it gives me self-fulfillment to sort of escape reality for just a little bit and be whoever I want to be for a little bit.”

By Lindsey Hill