Theater students rank high at States

During Spring break, the highest-ranking theater groups from the Districts competition performed at states.

“It was great getting to see so many people that like the same thing,” sophomore Shannon Kay said.

The competition landed the group in Tampa for three days.

“We went to the hotel and get all settled in. Then we got to go to the mall for dinner and shop around, and the next few days were dedicated to the competition. And then, finally, on Saturday we left Tampa, went to Orlando, and had a blast at universal,” she said.

According to senior Madeline Anderson, the judges were stricter this year than in previous years.

“Paige and I were the only two superiors,” she said.

The ranking one step lower than nationals is excellent, and a few more groups got this.

“Both of the large groups and the small group got an excellent as well as a solo. But our two tech events: costume design and publicity got superiors,” Anderson said.

Because of the low funding, the students will not be progressing to Nationals.

“The school doesn’t fund any of this,” Kay said. “It’s really expensive to go to Nationals as well, so many people don’t have the money for it.”

By Lindsey Hill