The No. 1 Girl

The new hit country song “That Girl” by Jenifer Nettles embraces a whole new meaning of the word “country.” The song’s lower-base drum beat and hand-clapped rhythm seems like it would clash with the artist’s supposedly stereotypical country vocals, but instead is the perfect combination. With Nettles’ wide range of pitch, the bursts of energy from hard-to-reach notes make the song even more pleasurable to hear.

In addition to the track’s stunning vocals, the song also comes with a unique story. The term “that girl” in the song refers to the girl who the Nettles does not want to be betrayed as. An already-taken man tries to make a move on her, and she is trying to tell the girl who’s being cheated on what really happened before gossip interferes. She is portraying that she doesn’t want to be judged by others and be seen as “that girl.” With a plot twist near the ending of the song’s music video, when Nettles is about to tell the girl the truth, the girl takes off her apparent wig and reveals that she is also Nettles. This can be interpreted as though Nettles was always meant to be with the man from the beginning, or even that he likes all different parts of her personality, as the girl with the wig may have been her alter-ego.

The album, also by the name of “That Girl” has been awarded the number one album on iTunes in the country music genre. With the song’s amazing sound and beat, as well as great story line creates the recipe for a number-one reward.