Talent show scheduled for Nov. 6

Sierra Purden, Staff Writer

The Junior Class has scheduled a talent show for Nov.6. The competition will be held in the auditorium at 6 p.m.. Students can sign up by themselves or with a group. Admission will be $5 for participants and $2 in advance for the viewing audience. Tickets also will be sold for $3 at the door.

“We have a ton of fund-raisers at West Shore, but we’ve never had anything as broad and open that kids can do absolutely anything in,” said Junior Class President Jenna Winter.

Proceeds will go toward expenses for Prom, which will be held at the King Center on April 13.

“A lot of fundraisers only benefit one club or organization, but the talent show will benefit Prom which is for at least two whole grades, if not more,” Winter said. “Prom is a really memorable and should be special, but we really need our fund-raisers to be successful so we can pull it off.”