‘Studio 666′ – Rock n’ Grohl

Studio 666 - Rock n Grohl

Violet Chace, Entertainment Editor

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl stars in “Studio 666,” a film produced by and about the bandmates. This comedy horror captures everything great about low budget supernatural horror films. 

The premise of “Studio 666” is that the Foo Fighters are struggling to compose their tenth album and under pressure from their record label, the bandmates stay at an abandoned mansion for inspiration. Grohl starts to comprise their new sound with the unique acoustics in the house and falls victim to supernatural forces.

 “Studio 666” doesn’t take itself too seriously and serves as a fun gore filled band movie. For the most part, the cheesy jokes and cheap humor hit and the tone never gets serious. The acting performances aren’t strong, but that adds to the charm. Since most of the characters are playing themselves the acting isn’t too distracting and contributes to the fun especially for Foo Fighters fans. 

Of course, the musical score for the film was great and brought together the spooky tone. John Carpenter, who is best known for his score in “Halloween,” helped with the music in “Studio 666” and it shows. Despite its low budget, extra effort put into areas like the music for this movie make it seem more professional. 

The other area that “Studio 666” undeniably excels at is with practical effects. The gore is incredibly realistic and well done. There are a lot of kills in this movie, each more creative than the last, and most of them look just as good as the effects in high budget films that use expensive CGI. Creators made use of the setting and unconventional weapons to kill off characters in realistic and inventive ways. 

Although “Studio 666” is enjoyable, critically it has flaws. As long as viewers are not going in looking for an Oscar worthy film they will have fun but technically it is not structured well. The pacing is jumpy and the movie is longer than it needs to be since it drags on at the end, but any flaws are outweighed by the fun characters, kills, and jokes in “Studio 666.” 

This lighthearted slasher is the perfect pick for any rock or horror fan and a must watch for anyone who likes the Foo Fighters. It is clear that everyone involved in the making of “Studio 666” had a great time and that feeling definitely translates through to the audience.