Students win praise at art show

Jessica Blanco, Events Editor

On Friday, April 19th at the School Board in Viera, Brevard Art Educator’s Association hosted its annual Art Show.  There were entries from K-12th grade, and the winners were picked on the April 19. The Merit Winner in Visual Arts for 3D was West Shore senior Matt Greathouse. The Merit Winners for Digital Photography and Art were junior Alexandra Avrakotos and senior Rachel Kershaw, and the winner for the Purchase Award High School was given to junior Marianthi Karas.

Each school was allowed to submit 4 pieces off artwork from each teacher and half of the West Shore students that entered were either awarded with Merit or recognized for their contribution to the field of art.

Marianthi Karas’s piece was re-vamped PhotoShop watercolor.

“My piece was a photo that I put into a watercolor,” junior Marianthi Karas said. “I got the Purchase Award, which is when the School Board buys your piece, displays it at BPS and gives you a $200 check.”

Rachel Kershaw’s piece was a photograph, which earned a Merit Award.

“My piece was called Ironic Innocence, I bought a bunch of baby doll heads from Goodwill and placed them in some black-dyed water,” Senior Rachel Kershaw said. “I got a Merit Award, which was basically an honorable mention.”

These pieces will be displayed at the school board office in Viera until May 9th.