Student-penned, directed play to debut at school tonight

“Broken Bottles,” a play written and directed by senior Mia Glatter for her Senior Project, will be held tonight at 6  in the school  auditorium. Tickets are free, and free snacks will be served before and after the performance.

“ It’s a murder mystery with comedy satire to make it funny,” Glatter said. “It’s about an artist who is murdered in the midst of selling a painting, and his family is trying to figure out who killed him and who gets the money,”

Actors include Will Niemeier, Adam Davidson, Joe Held and Alex Deavers.

“The murder mystery is told through the view of the murdered man,” Niemeier said.

Glatter has high hopes for the play.

“ I hope people will receive it well and get it,” she said.

By Genna Owen