Spring Break provides exotic travel time


During the spring break rush, travelers make the decision to travel nationally or internationally.

Sophomore Max Carl took the international route when he took a plane across the Pacific to the Tokyo airport. From there, he stayed six days in Tokyo before he went to Hiroshima for the last three days.

“It was such an exotic trip for my family and me,” Carl said.

Carl and his family spent a total of nine days in Japan. He also visited Bunny Island; a small island off the coast of Japan.

“When we would walk around the streets, [bunnies] would run up to you and let you pet them,” he said.

Carl said he also fed the bunnies carrots.

The culture in Japan has differences when compared to America. Carl said the city was clean and everyone seemed to care about everything they do.

“Japan was so put together,” he said. “No crime, no disrespect. It was clean, and so organized.”

Carl enjoyed the exotic foods as well.

“We had Wagyu steak, real ramen and a lot of street food,” he said. “It was so much better than food in the U.S.”

Tokyo now remains in Carl’s memory as the most clean and fun city he has ever visited.

If Carl could describe Tokyo in one word it would be, “elegant.”

Other travelers decided to take the national route during Spring Break.

Freshman Lily Repperger flew one hour to reach the Atlanta airport.

“We visited my family and got to see the Georgia aquarium to see various species of aquatic animals,” Repperger said.

She also participated in outdoor activities including hiking and walking around town.

“Although I had a great time, I hope to travel to someplace more exotic next year,” she said. “Paris would be really fun. I love trying new things and experiencing something out of my comfort zone. I live for travelling the globe.”

By Violet Castillo