Sophomores prepare to order class rings

Emily Dubec-Hunter, Staff Writer

Sophomores plan to ring in their upcoming junior year with personalized class rings after a seeing Jostens presentation on Monday during homeroom. The sophomore class viewed a presentation in the cafeteria.

“I went home and designed my ring already,” sophomore Kayla Stevens said. “It has my birthstone and swimming and Christian symbols on it. It’s cool to have something to remember my high-school years by.”

However, sophomore Mikayla Almeida said she’s not as excited about getting the class ring.

“It’s not only that it’s really expensive,” she said. “It’s just that I don’t really think it’s that important. I can see myself going to college and putting it in a drawer somewhere and leaving it. I’m not really into wearing rings anyway.”

The rings vary in price depending on the style and material of incorporated. Stevens’ ring will cost almost $200 once designed.

“It’s expensive, but my mom really liked the idea of me having something from my high-school years as well, so she didn’t mind paying for it,” she said.

Jostens offers a computer program that allows purchasers to design their rings online to see how it would look before ordering it. They will also change the ring if a student switches schools and have the ring insured in case they lose it.

What some students don’t know is that Jostens isn’t the only place they can buy their rings. Local jewelers and Walmart sell them as well.

“I didn’t know that there was other places to buy them,” Stevens said. “I might’ve considered ordering a ring from them if it was cheaper, but my parents want to buy the most quality ring I can get. Plus, I really like the options Jostens gives and they’re giving us a free class hoodie.”

Almeida said she still probably won’t buy a ring at all.

“I’m not really into wearing rings anyway,” she said. “Maybe I’ll get a college class ring, but not one for high school.”