Sophomore takes time off for a bite of Big Apple

Sophomore Sarah Paylor is currently in New York City celebrating her mom’s birthday. With school in full swing, planning trips is not always easy, but Paylor has experience. She often visits her sisters who live out-of-state during the school year.

“We usually try to visit them as much as we can. Traveling during the school year can be stressful, but with preparation, it can be done,” Paylor said.

One of the sisters lives in Chicago while the other lives in New York. The two were able to meet up with the rest of the family and join the festivities.

“We are going to do tons of shopping and eating,” Paylor said. “NYC has the most amazing food so whenever we go, we always make sure to eat at all the best spots.” 

After having their fair share of pizza, the family plans to see a broadway show.

“We are seeing ‘Jersey Boys.’ It’s my dad’s favorite show,” Paylor said.

Last night while at dinner the family spotted actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Selleck.

“Celebrity watching is definitely another one of our favorite things to do,” Paylor said.

By Breanna Gallagher