Sophomore splashes designs on T-shirts


courtesy Nathaniel Mauldin

Sophomore Nathaniel Mauldin creates designs for T-shirts.

Graphic design student Nathaniel Mauldin has been monetizing his talents since summer.

“I like the digital arts,” the sophomore said, “because I’m not too good of a hand artists so that way I can do it on the computer. It’s easier because you can copy and paste and make it more symmetrical. You can also incorporate photos in with it and make illustrations too.”

He created digital designs for companies such as New View, Raw Surf Company, Tom and Dan Podcast, and Vertical Surf Fins. His designs have been put on to T-shirts and surfboard fins. The company New View gives Maudlin 20 percent of the profit with every T-shirt it sells with his design on it.

“I get so stoked when companies contact me,” he said. “Who wouldn’t be?”

Mauldin began graphic design in middle school, learning the fundamentals of the Adobe programs and design principles. In Digital 1 as a high school student, he is creating a series of graphic design projects that developed his design capabilities.

“I look forward to watching him as he continues to grow as an artist when he takes 2D AP Art next year,”  graphic design teacher Jim Finch said. “This year he will be meeting new challenges as he competes in a variety of art shows, exhibitions and competitions. Nathaniel has created some beautiful art, strong visual communication pieces and his photographic images are impressive.”

According to Finch, Mauldin has the talent to someday pursue a career in the digital arts.

“I do know that Nathaniel loves creating,” he said. “He has an artist’s eye and sees things differently than others. It is his vision and passion to create that will drive his future … I am excited to see Nathaniel grow as an artist and designs his future that is full, creative and fulfilling.”

By Olivia Webb