‘Silent Hill’ sequel screams for attention

Jessica Blanco, Events Editor

WARNING: This is a spoiler alert for the movie.
“Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” opens with Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) and her father (Sean Bean) on the run, always one step ahead of horrors and nightmares she doesn’t understand. On her 18th birthday, she dreams that her father is murdered in front of her and when he disappears, Heather is forced to discover her true identity and the traumatic horrors that coincide with that knowledge. The revelation forces her deeper into the disturbing and demonic world known as Silent Hill.

The cult-classic, “Silent Hill: Revelation” is based on the popular video game “Silent Hill” by Konami. Because the first film made a whopping $47 million at the box-office veteran actors including Carrie Ann Moss from “The Matrix” trilogy and Malcolm McDowell from “A Clockwork Orange” were lured to the project. As a result, “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” garnered huge expectations from the cult world of video gamers and the followers of the first movie and the those expectations were met — almost.

The levels in the “Silent Hill: 3” video game are unique and unusual, containing some of the most bizarre and strange “bosses,” such as the mannequin boss on level one when Heather first enters Silent Hill and of course the ultimate boss, defeating Alessa at the end of the game. The movie holds true to the game in the sense of Heather defeating the mannequin boss, Alessa and Leonard Wolf, but its computer graphics lack quality.

Also, the filmmakers added some extra scenes to keep the viewer entertained and shocked, such as the final battle scene between Claudia and Pyramid-head. This angered me because I knew that never happened in any of the video games, but it was probably the film’s best CGI scene. The movie veers off the track many times, just because the producers wanted to add more fan favorites like Pyramid-head, who shouldn’t have been in either the first movie or this one.

And Vincent? Don’t even get me started on him. The director, Michael J. Bassett decided to make him Heather’s love interest, which never happened in the video games either. Vincent was supposed to be just a member of the Order who decided at the end to help Heather destroy his mother Claudia Wolf — without any romantic entanglement.

Despite these faults, “Silent Hill : Revelation 3D” is a good movie, with lots of action and tons of gore. If you are a video-gamer enthusiast who has played the “Silent Hill” series, then I highly recommend you to go see it.