Senior Class expects sweet success from fund-raiser


In time for the upcoming holidays, the Senior Class will be selling Otis-Spunkenmeyer Cookie Dough in order to raise funds for events in the spring. Lowering prices for senior activities is just one of the incentives for students to sell the product.

Selling at least 10 tubs qualifies students for prizes.

“You get entered to win a free Prom ticket, whoever sells the most will win a free paddle board session and the homeroom that sells the most will win an ice cream party,” Senior Class Communications Officer Allie Henderson said.

The class’ goal is to sell over 400 boxes.

“It is necessary for students to participate because the money goes to Project Graduation, Prom tickets, and senior breakfast,” Senior Class Secretary Alice Chan said.

In the past, other clubs and organizations have laid claim to this cookie dough fundraiser.

“I think the Senior Class will have as much success as them because we do have more people participating,” Chan said.  “I think the cookie dough fundraiser will bring the Senior Class closer together in achieving one goal so I’m excited to see how it will turn out.” 

By Marissa Scalise