School choir to sing at Disney’s Candlelight

Briana Sandoval, Staff Writer

During the past several years the school chorus has taken part in Disney’s Candlelight Processional performance, an event in which choirs from throughout Florida, joining together in song and being afforded the opportunity to listen to a celebrity narrator read a Christmas-themed story.

On Thursday, the choir will sing alongside comedian and actress Ana Gasteyer, who has appeared on “Saturday Night Live” and films such as “Mean Girls.”

Senior  Krissy Mendez said she is anticipating the performance.

“This will be my third time going to Candlelight. I enjoy going because the show and Disney itself progressively gets more and more festive, which doesn’t seem possible considering its Disney,” Mendez said. “My most favorite memory of performing at Candlelight was meeting the All-State guy [actor Dennis Haysbert] because he radiates happiness.”

Senior Joy Oni said she appreciates a multitude of things about performing at Candlelight.

“I love having the opportunity to sing at Disney every year. Also I really love Christmas in general so getting to sing Christmas carols there is always pretty great,” Oni said. “My favorite song that we sing is called ‘Rejoice With Exceeding Great Joy.’ I sing the alto part, so there is a part in the song where each of the singing sections will split and the music slows down which results beautifully. During the song, the altos are also singing super low and when all of the sections come together with the soprano section it sounds absolutely amazing.”

First time participant Junior Emily Browne, Candlelight is looking forward to the show.

“Since preparing for the performance, I’ve heard a lot of intriguing things about Candlelight from other chorus members who have gone,” Browne said. “I think when I perform, my favorite part will be having the opportunity to sing with such a large group of people that you have never met and being able to come together as a group through the singing Christmas carols.”