Scheduling mistake ignites passion in senior

Scheduling mistake ignites passion in senior

Because of a mistake in schedule made during his freshman year, senior Kyle McClinton was able to discover his passion for art.

“When I got my schedule for ninth grade they had put me in [art], but I never signed up for it,” McClinton said. “I was extremely nervous as well because I never thought of myself being very good at art. Then by the end of the year I just really liked art.”

Since then, McClinton has continued to take art classes. This year, he is in Advanced Placement Drawing/Painting and AP Computer Graphics. The two classes provide Kyle different ways of approaching art.

“I think I like AP drawing/painting more though to be honest just because I like watercolor based art so much and I never get the chance to do any in computer graphics,” he said.

Annamarie Zink has been McClinton’s art teacher since she arrived at West Shore in 2008 when he was in her Drawing/Painting 1 class.

“[Kyle] has a great imagination, is willing to try new things, and always does his personal best,” Zink said. “He’s pleasant to be around and very helpful in class.”

McClinton has two favorite pieces of work. One, which currently does not have a title, is a watercolor painting based on a picture of a church he saw while in England during the summer.

“This [piece] was done this year actually and it will be used in my AP Drawing/Painting portfolio,” he said.

The second is a still life based on a picture taken at McClinton’s home. It was created using a computer when he was in 11th grade.

“This one was a lot of fun setting up. I call it ‘Still Life in Green,'” he said.

McClinton has won two awards for his art, both in 2009. The first was an honorary mention at the Melbourne Art Festival for a watercolor painting of two Koi fish. Next, he won the “People’s Choice Award” at the Viera Home Center Art Show for his “Still Life in Green.”

But behind all the art, many know McClinton as a happy and upbeat person.

“I would like to think that overall I generally put off a very energetic and happy-go-lucky mind set,” he said. “I just try and stay positive and do the things that make me happy.”

McClinton also values his friends and family, knowing they will always be there to support him.

“In my opinion I have the greatest group of friends in the world, they’re people I can really trust and have good times with,” he said. “I love my family to bits even with all the arguments and fights and general fed-upness that comes along with it. I can trust my family to be there whenever I need them and I know they care about me probably more than anyone.”

By: Felicia Solazzo