Renaissance fair this weekend


Dana Brown

The crowd watch a sword-fighting demonstration in 2014.

Turn back the clocks as the Renaissance Fair rides into Wickham Park on Feb. 5-7. The event will showcase jousting, plays and old-time apparel from the 14th to the 17th centuries.

“I want to see the shops, food, shows and the whole kebab,” senior Cecilia Bergh said.

General admission is $11 for adults, but admission for Friday’s Education Day will be reduced to $8.

“It doesn’t seem too expensive in my opinion,” Bergh said. “But it’s also getting closer to that point where you kind of start to question the price.”

Humanities teacher Kirk Murphy encourages his students to attend.

“I went two years ago,” Murphy said. “The first year it was a little chaotic. It was fun. There was a lot of stuff that was going on.”

One of the main events featured is jousting.

“The jousting that first year was not good,” Murphy said. “The guy kept falling off the horse before the joust.”

Murphy expects a better performance this year.

“I have been guaranteed that the jousting that they have are a professional company that tours the United States and is coming in,” Murphy said. “So they’ll only fall off the horse when they’re supposed to.”

By Billy Luu