Prom remains a upperclassman-exclusive event

Upperclassmen who are dating sophomores could have been surprised when they tried to purchase Prom tickets for last Friday’s dance. But they shouldn’t have been. Unlike other schools, West Shore has never permitted anyone other than juniors and seniors to attend the formal dance, even as a guest.

Sophomore Chandra Sree said she agrees with this policy.

“I personally do not think that sophomores should be allowed at Prom,” Sree said. “We have Homecoming and I think this is a time for the older kids to have fun without many of the younger kids.”

But Jodie Wiens, another sophomore, said that she thinks sophomores should be able to attend the dance.

“At the end of the day, they’re not that different from juniors or seniors,” Wiens said. “And a sophomore being invited by an upperclassman shows that they are mature and won’t cause issues.”

Wiens said her stance could change when she becomes an upperclassman..

“Those younger than me seem so young,” she said. “But at the end of the day there is little difference made in the few months of age that can separate a sophomore or junior.”

Wiens also called the school’s policy is unfair.

“Juniors and Seniors from other schools are allowed to go to Prom, but students from West Shore aren’t allowed to go to their own school’s Prom,” she said. “I understand the school doesn’t want to have a lot of underclassmen at Prom, but only some would be attending anyways.”

Chandra Sree said she disagrees.

“I don’t believe it’s unfair because this is a time for juniors and seniors to enjoy their final years of high school,” she said. “I think everyone will get their turn to go to Prom.”

By Anastasia Wright