Principal Interest

Jessica Travis, Staff Writer

Rick Fleming was flattered when he won the 2017 Principal of the Year award, but instead of priding himself in the award, he attributes his success to the students at the school.

Fleming has been in the school system since 1994, and has been at West Shore for 12 years.

“I worked at several other schools, and I was nominated for teacher of the year, but I had never really won an honor like this. It was nice to be recognized,” Fleming said. “The school makes me look good. The students perform very well.”

In 2004, West Shore won the National Blue Ribbon Award, and then again in 2014. West Shore was the only secondary school in the state to win the award that year, and the only school to win it twice.

“The thing I’m most proud about is the students of our school,” he said. “The moral ber of our school is what’s most impressive to me.”

As someone who has had Fleming as their principal for six years, senior Jessie Shaw said Fleming deserved the award.

“Without him our school would probably not be as fun or friendly,” Shaw said. “He just makes it very personable. He knows everybody, he talks to everybody, and I love that about him.”

One of the main things Fleming appreciates is the in uence the school has on its students.

“Students, in addition to being amazing students, come with a very good moral compass. They’re good people,” he said. “Our students are caring kids and come from good families.”